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Glutamine Transaminase

Glutamine Transaminase

  • Product Name: Glutamine Transaminase
    Specification : GB 1886.174
    Brand: Silver-Elephant
    High-tech Industrial Zone
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    Loss on drying 
    Fine powder


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·Transglutaminase (TGase) is an acyltransferase that widely exists in nature and can be found in human body,advanced animals, plants and microorganisms.
·It is a natural enzyme preparation that can catalyze theformation of isopeptide bonds between proteins to modifyproteins. TG enzymes can catalyze the cross‐linking,deamidation and glycosylation reactions of proteins. The molecular cross‐linking mediated by TG enzymes canimprove the thermal stability and water retention ofproteins. It also helps to form strong gels and improve the quality of protein products. The product can be used to improve the hardness, elasticity and water retention capacity of food. It can also improve product structure and taste, and increase product output. TG enzyme products have been widely used in meat products, surimi products,dairy products and other foods rich in protein.


Product advantages
·Good bonding effect: TG enzyme catalyzes the formation of molecular cross‐links and is extremely stable, and the bonded meat will not disperse under freezing, tumbling,and cooking conditions.
·Wide applicable pH range: The most suitable range is around pH 6.0. It can maintain good activity at pH 5.0‐8.0,and is suitable for most food processing.
·Adapt to different processing temperatures: TG enzyme could be resistant to high temperature. The most suitable reaction temperature is about 50 ℃. However, it can also work at low temperature if the reaction time is extended appropriately.
·Safe for use: TG enzyme exists in various organisms, and the product formed by its catalysis naturally exists as well.People's daily diet also contains these substances.