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About us

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Located in Zhejiang Tiantai High-tech Industrial Zone, Zhejiang Silver Elephant Bioengineering Co., Ltd. is an advanced high-tech enterprise, under the leadership of Mr. Zhu Yonggang as General Manager. It has successfully established a production line of Silver Elephant Nisin and Natamycin in a modern biochemical factory with brand new workshops and equipment.
Zhejiang Silver Elephant Bio-engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the Top 100 companies of Zhejiang Food Additive Industry. The company has passed ISO 9001:2000 quality authentications.
Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, in cooperation with the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Zhejiang Silver Elephant Bio-engineering Co., Ltd., carried out ground research on Nisin, and later on went through laboratory experiment to pilot scale experiment, industrialized experiment, and the final commercial production. The Silver Elephant Nisin Program is part of China National Torch Plan. Silver Elephant Nisin, natural, effective and safe anti-bacterial food ingredient, is now regarded as a key product of China Food Industry and a high-tech food additive product. It has HALAL (Moslem), KOSHER and FDA Accreditation; Silver Elephant Nisin has become the most competitive Nisin worldwide with the largest annual output and the most reliable quality, which conforms fully to all national and international specifications for nisin.

  • Core concept

    Core concept

    Build the enterprise into an excellent enterprise playing a leading role in providing customers with safe and sustainable food and feed anti-corrosion solutions in the global nutrition and animal field

  • Management philosophy

    Management philosophy

    Constantly increase investment, improve equipment, improve production and application technology, and ensure product quality

  • Business philosophy

    Business philosophy

    The business philosophy of achieving safe, sustainable and innovative development.Become an international enterprise capable of providing customers with high value-added services

Quality Control

The company has strong ability to independently develop new technologies and products